Wow, it’s been a long time since I was on wordpress. In fact, it’s been a long time since anyone I was friends with has been on wordpress. Back then I was so good at talking to people (I’m going to guess it’s because I wasn’t embarrassed to say anything. I was so embarrassing back then thank you all for putting up with me)

this blog was one of my favorite things back when i was in middle school. I really used to like to write as if people were reading and writing back to me (it’s kind of cute)… and now i’m in my last year of high school and this blog just brought an overwhelming sense of nostalgia to me. things are so much more different now, so much more complex. i can’t say that i’ve been doing well all these years, because i haven’t. i’ve been struggling with a lot and there are periods of my time were i’ve just felt terrible. i’m not doing so great right at this moment either, but i’m hanging on, because i want to be strong and to grow and to one day wake up and just feel happy. so i’ll keep trying on that part.

i have to apply to colleges soon and i’m scared. growing up is really scary and while everyone else is really excited, i’m dying from fear over here. i’ll keep trying on that part as well, to overcome this fear. or at least, outlive it.

i checked up on some of your blogs. i don’t think i ever understood the depth of your problems when i was younger, but now i can understand. i know nobody has updated in years, and that nobody will probably read this but. but i hope that you are all well. i hope that life is treating you better than it had and that you are safe and happy. it probably doesn’t mean much coming from just a kid, but i’ll admit that when i was active here with all of you, that was probably the happiest i have ever been. i admired an cared for you guys an i just hope that everything is good now.

i don’t know if i’ll ever post here again, but i won’t delete anything. as embarrassing as it is to me, i have some really good memories here. so thank you, and goodbye.

Why do I do This to Myself

Why do I have this weird impulse to always think about how stressful it is to think about all the stuff I have to do when it just makes me even more stressed? Like, if I think about it, it’s not even really THAT much work, but it feels like a lot and since I have to get good grades on my schoolwork it makes it even WORSE. My replacement history teacher wants the whole class to write an essay on why watching paint dry is awesome. That, ladies and gentlemen, just screams stress. If it’s boring and dull he says that he’ll give us a C or a D and I’m just like “Whoa there buddy back up a bit this is a horrible topic”. That was his whole point, to give us an horrible and boring topic, but STILL. I swear, if next week we have to write an essay on watching grass grow…

So wow, I haven’t written in months!  I went shopping today and bought a bunch of stuff! I didn’t go yesterday (Black Friday) because geez that’s just stressful and hectic and kinda scary. I bought some cute hats today, two books (one on pointless information and the other one is the first book of The Hunger Games Trilogy), D. Gray Man vol. 2, and Bakuman vol. 1. I also bought some other stuff but they’re not really for me, so, yeah.

I spent Thanksgiving with my wonderful friend Laura, and the next day with another wonderful friend, Ariana. Christmas is coming up soon (however I’m not visiting my family this year so I’m pretty sad) so I need to make my wish list and start buying presents for my family and friends!!! I already have some presents bought (lies I only have two) and the rest I kind of need my parents to help me because I’m awful at that stuff. I don’t even know what to get my friends.

So yeah, I’ll write again probably whenever I need to rant again. Byeeeeeeee

Look- An Update!

Songs: Owl City – Rainbow Veins
Counting Crows – Accidentally in Love
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Face Down
Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
Coldplay – Viva la Vida
Superbus – Radio Song
Fall Out Boy – Thnks fr th Mmrs
Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
AC/DC – It’s a Long Way to the Top
All American Rejects – Gives You Hell
Lucky Twice – Lucky

Hi everybody! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written (shame on me, I kept procrastinating).

So how’s everyone’s life? Good? Well, I hope so!

Mine right now is pretty busy. Finals are coming up in a couple of weeks, and I have an End of Course test for Algebra 1 on Monday. I’ll get into detail on those in a second. I just wanted to brag about something since I can’t really brag about this to my friends:

I got the Sims: Medieval Limited Edition this weekend.

AHHHHHH IT IS SUCH AN AMAZING GAME. I’m pretty glad I chose to get that game for my first Sims PC game. It’s kinda difficult sometimes and I’m still getting used to it, but I love it! Too bad I probably won’t be able to play it until the weekend since I kinda have a lot of work to do (I’m taking a break to type this up).  But back to the game! I’ve completed some quests and I already have a Monarch, Knight, Spy, Doctor, and Wizard. I love playing as the spy ♥ His name is Blake, if you were wondering.

I’ve also gotten a bit more into “old” songs. Queen is my favorite band now ♥

So school! It’s pretty suckish right now, since a lot tests are coming up and I hate tests. With a passion! So anyways, in math we will be having our EOC on Monday. Unfortunately, even the teacher doesn’t think we’re prepared (my whole class thinks they’re gonna fail. I have a bit more faith in myself but I’m still pretty nervous), so on Wednesday (or today, since I’m writing this on Tuesday but posting on Wednesday), the whole class will stay for two extra hours in schools to study. My lovely friend Laura will be taking me home, since my dad can’t really pick me up. Right now in math we’re on chapter 8 on our book and there are around 12 chapters. Ouch. By the by, chapter 8 is about monomials or polynomials– whatever.

Music is rather boring and stressful for me right now. We’re playing this awful song that I hate sooooo much.  It’s called Come Sunday and ugh I hate it. I don’t even want to talk about it.

Civics is boring, as usual. I have a test tomorrow. Not fun! There’s not much to say about this class… Oh well. Next is Computers, and it’s an awesome, laid back class. However, today, I did something really stupid. Like, utterly stupid. So I had my feet on like the wall, and I was leaning back on chair, being all cool like and doing my work. Let me mind you, I had done 8 lessons of the chapter we’re on in the intermediate class. There are 11 lessons, and I was done with 8. So since my work folder doesn’t work, I have to save my work to the desktop of the computer, since USBs don’t work either. And in my school, when a computer turns off, it deletes all the extra documents and whatnot. Well, my foot slipped, I hit the power cord of my computer, and it shut off. I was all panicking and I was just so SAD. All my work was gone because the computer hadn’t recovered it. So now I have to do all my work again. Bummer.

In Language Arts we’ve begun with writing for next year. What a pain 8(. I hate writing essays. I only like writing narrative essays and we don’t do that anymore! Which sucks VERY much! We’re also reading To Kill a Mockingbird. We’re almost done though, with the book. I have to say that this book is amazing and I was surprised that I actually love it! I totally recommend it.

And science is science, the awesomest, funnest class ever. I don’t care if ‘awesomest’ and ‘funnest’ aren’t words, it’s the only way I can describe science. Sure, we do work and stuff, but we do experiments and the teacher is the best! She’s my favorite teacher.

What are some other things that have happened in my life? Well, the yearbook came out recently. Thankfully, I look much better this year. My (still) lovely friend Laura also made me a long list of books she has read this year. Now I have books to read for the next school year hehe.

Also, last Friday I saw the movie ‘Prom’. Although it was pretty cliché, cheesy, and predictable, I enjoyed it and thought it was adorable. It was one of those movie that I just wanna buy because it’s cute. By the way, Cory (Lucas’s friend if I remember correctly) was so cute. I felt pretty bad when Lucas would blow him off! But it all ended well, and I was amazed how after all that he was still such a good friend to Lucas. I guess that’s how real friends are, right?

I can’t wait until vacation time. I want it to come already! But hey, patience is a virtue right? Haha…

Too bad I’m impatient and can never be patient.

What else, what else… Oh yeah! Since summer is coming closer (finally), Florida has been getting really gross. Like… hot gross. I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys how much I hate the heat. It’s totally gross to me. I mean, hey, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like sweating and not being able to wear my sweater.

Something else I should note: I finished the mangas Mink, Marmalade Boy, and Peach Girl. I’m about to finish Kamichama Karin, and when I do I’ll read Chu. I’m also reading The Prince of Tennis. Even though I don’t really like sports, I find it really enjoyable.

Well, bye everyone! Hopefully I’ll write again soon.

You Guys

I have absolutely no motivation to do this pile of work that is growing every second.


Will somebody bribe me so I do my homework

Venezuela :3

Well first of all…


instead there´s a button that has the ñ >:c

oh well.

So yeah, I´m enjoying  my time here.  Just wanted to say that. kaybye ❤

PS I might have a surprise for you guys next year owo


Aw man, October’s over already D8 I miss its spookiness already OTL

Well it’s November now :3 which means lot’s of school days off ;U; (something that October lacked ;; Not even ONE day off in October). Plus, it’s autumn already! Wooo~! I love autumn. It’s not too cold yet not too hot, and it just has this nice feeling to it ;w; Well, peace for now!

I Have no Idea What to Write About

I seriously have no clue about what to write nowadays <:3

So I think I’ll make a poll where you guys can vote about what I should write about  @w@

Or you could comment. Anything is fine with me orz

School is… & more~

absolutely a pain @ n @

Science fair already started (ugh), I’ve had various tests, I have one class with a really low B ( ;n; Music..) and my head hurts a lot!

And to think only 6 weeks have passed…

But eh I really don’t want to talk about such a depressing subject (well at least to me).

Oh yeah, today I had to make a whole new account on my laptop because the other  account got.. well..

destroyed by a trojan 8′ D

I really hate those things OTL

Apparently I got it from DeviantArt so no more of that for me for a really long time /stupid laugh

So what’s going on in your world~  ? Tell me!

Bye :3


That this year my favorite subjects are math, science, and…


What is this I don’t even know. All the other subjects are just plain boring to me.


School Goals

Hi guys~ I just wanted to share some more stuff with you guys =//v//=

First of all, my B day was quite pleasant! I really enjoyed seeing my elective teachers again and meeting my science teacher, who’s  pretty cool~ She asked me if I was in kindergarten with her, but I told her no. She then asked me how come she remembers me from somewhere, but I told her I was split to her class a lot in third grade. c: She told me I have pretty good memory. Heh.

Also, I wanted to share my school goals with you guys (Not like you care or anything), so here they are:

  • To try to get straight A’s this whole year, or at least only very little B’s in my report cards.
  • To try and have a really good effort grade on all my classes~ (This will be tough since I’m so bad at push-ups in P.E… It affected my effort grade and I ended up not getting an honor roll that semester ; 😉
  • To be better than last year. pffffft /studystudystudy
  • To be a lot nicer and caring toward people
  • To go on a diet and stay on it ;A; /tempted by sweets and junk food

Okay that really wasn’t only school 8D;;; BUT YOU GUYS GET WHAT I MEANNNNNNNNN

Well bye guys~ I have to get my stuff ready for tomorrow and I’m turning in early today. Night ❤

PS. Look at ’em tagssss