MONAY TIME!!!!!!!!!

 ok ok ok the tittle is to laugh 4 BUT this is the way for me to be rich in cp. now it will require patience, focus, and lots of hard work!now i just got 4 jobs(i know that a lot!)! but i enjoy the work and the future making of this! ok so now wat u have all been waiting 4!!!!!! DAWNS MONAAAAAAY WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!

1st make a 1000 in puffle round up

2nd make a 1000  in pizza tron 3000, coffe game, and fishing!(all combined!)

3rd make 2000 in puff round up!(then u can make 3000 or even 4000!)

4th make 2000 with fishing, pizza, and coffe g.(then make 3000 or 4000!)

now in about 5 mins in puff round up i get bout 4500! and in pizza i make 20 pizzas and in coffe i finish the whole game and in fishing too! I hope i helped u lazy ppl that r poor!BWAHAHAHA! oh i dont care if u ppl post my ideas on ur sites or tell ppl! just tell that it originially came from dawn! =D oh and coming up soon is Dawns chronicles in REAL LIFE and in cp! of course the real life o1s will be called aris chronicles! i wanna thnx cordially(or cord) 4 letting me use her idea! she was ok with it wen i asked her and she has an awesome blog! just plz note that my site may not be as awesomes as her =D



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Hi there! I'm Dawn and this is my blog that's full of.. erm, stuff! I hope that we can be friends and that you enjoy this blog :3 View all posts by dawn1798

3 responses to “MONAY TIME!!!!!!!!!

  • meridollakaari

    u know! i wish i was as good as u on puff round up!! all the puffles always escape!! its like impossible for me to win puff round up! im just gonna get used to playin cart surfer 10 x’s a day and i f i REALLY need the mon-AY then i’ll play puff round up cuz seriously the puffs always escape 😐 byee hugz

    rock on,


  • dawn1798

    oooo so u really stink at that?

  • dawn1798

    i know im great at it! it doll and ju that r bd at the game.he he! well hope u answer all my q’s!

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