my baby!(adopted!)

so i was on cp and one of my friends that i really like to be with got on! her names whenn ling stg. just call her whenn. so i was sad and all and i said i want a baby!(i actually said bay bay, but u get my point) so i made whenn my baby! idk how it started! but its playing family or adopting a baby! we had our first hectic nite! ppl were tryin to take her away! sigh i was runnin all ova the place! i was tired! so in my iggy i put a bed for her! yup! she had to go and i was sad but its kk cuz its like LATE! so i guess that ill c her later on today! i love her as my “baby” its just like playing family! and do i love that game! i guess u can relate! but i do love all my friends and my “baby”! ok so u get the point rite? ok bye!

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