ok so cp has A LOT f glitches lately and this is gonna be like where u decide wat i should do! my choice is based on U! no pressure! XD


do u think i should email cp and tell them?

        yes or no


should i change my theme?

yes or no

u pick! and plz check out my suggestion post! i need to put more stuff!

    a dawn co. message=where this time dawn aint soap or time! XD

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Hi there! I'm Dawn and this is my blog that's full of.. erm, stuff! I hope that we can be friends and that you enjoy this blog :3 View all posts by dawn1798

3 responses to “READ AND DONT STOP

  • meridollakaari

    I already finished the hw, I also got the class #. 😀 hey ari, im at philadelphia already!! The plane to new york comes in 3 hours! 😦 do u know how bored I am just sitting on a chair waiting for a plane doing NOTHING!!! Sigh.
    , ill try to get on msn wheneva I can. Cya monday at school :]


  • dawn1798

    hmmm. im back already! wat the! its like i miss spell stg and it puts that red line! urg! more lines and ants! ill be needing a vry big mullet.hmmmmm. i was in orlando soph but watever.

  • meridollakaari

    NO SCHOOL 2MORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BCUZ OF THE HURRICANE!!!!!!!!! NO SCHOOL! NO SCHOOL! NO SCHOOL!! GUESS I WONT CYA 2MORROW 😦

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