Meebo chat!

so doll got a meebo chat and i wanted one too! so i got one. and now im super confused. wen ur talking to me… make sure im online. unless its like U HAVE TO TALK TO ME AND IM NOT ONLINE u may.but other than that no. and also u MUST change ur name! i need to know who u r! i mean i have dawnsie cuz thats wat err jr and doll were calling me. so i said= wat the pudding! and ta dah!!!! so change ur name plz. im begging! just change it to the name u have on cp or u know like a have dawn! so plz! oh and also i need someone that i know in real to like, help me with the dawns show theme song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im serious!

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Hi there! I'm Dawn and this is my blog that's full of.. erm, stuff! I hope that we can be friends and that you enjoy this blog :3 View all posts by dawn1798

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