THE DAWN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A2: ladies and gentlemen, give it up for! oh watever just give it up for dawn.. rah rah…

dawn= ur so lazy. i woke up at 8:30 for no reason. its not late at all. and look! *points at big box decorated badly* I GOT A PRESENT!1!!!!*goes and opens box reads note and sees its a banner for the show!* WOOT!!!!*puts up banner*


banner=      THE     ROKI SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dawn turns super mad* WAT THE PUDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dawn takes down banner and rips it up*

dawn= lets just forget that banner. so ur probaly wondering wat happened to al… well its really not anyones fualt, more of his own. so i was repainting the studio(fresh coat pplz) and he went UNDER the big ladder and um.. it made the ladder go off balance and the can of paint sorta hit his head… ok watever truth is i fired him. hes annoying. but now! our new announcer will come down here! give it up for FANNY!!!!!!!

A2: its DRAKE not fanny. psh.

dawn=dont u psh me!but lets talk bout food ok?haha looki–>

drake= u really r weird.

dawn= shut up danny.

drake= ITS DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

dawn= like it matters. food and skool!

*ppl boo*

dawn= skool aint bad.if ur sneaky u can talk with ur friends all day long.haha.

drake= um, wat if ur friends r freaks

dawn= then turn into a freak dude

drake= but—-

dawn= but ntg!!!!!!!!!! ok so do u know someone? someone that can come on here?

drake= well yea i invited him but hes not her—

*total tall cute blonde boy with ocean ble eyes comes in stage that somehow looks like ryo from TMM*

*dawn practiclly squeals*

dawn= omg. i think im like in love or stg

drake= huh wat?

dawn= OMG HE LOOKS JUST LIKE RYO OR RYOU WATEVA HIS NAME IS… OMG HES CUTE!!!!!!!!errr. srry i went a bit crazy.

blondie=hi drake

adience girls= OMG*they scream*

dawn=SHUT UP!!! HES MINE!*dawn and adience girls start fighting, pulling their hair and biting*

*drake and blondie stare at each other as in to say= weirdos*

*dawns hair all messy and fixes it quick*

dawn= ok so.. bak to skool and food and stuff.*glances at blondie*

dawn= so wats ur name?

blondie=its ryo


ryo= uh i guess

dawn= 😐 arent u HONNORED to be on this show?

ryo=well yea its a huge honor. i loved ur last show.

dawn= *giggles* well i try my best

drake= the only reason ppl watch the show its cuz the announcers dawnsie.

dawn= dont call me dawnsie. and *eyes water up and starts to cry* THEN NO ONE LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!

*dawn makes big puddle of tears*

dawn= WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ryo= dont cry dawnsie

dawn= *sniffs and stops, rubs eyes and smiles* thnx u ryo.

ryo= do i have permission to call u dawnsie?

dawn= u do.:D

*dawn hugz ryo tight*

dawn= wow.. ur even taller then me.but only by a little. im like round 5 feet tall and ur*measures ryos tallness ness* ur 6’1.

(heres a pic of him.. plz remember hes not REAL! just wanted to point that out. but in the show HE IS REAL!wow.. im in love. jk. i just love his eyes. and hair. good hair. eep i love that smile too)

ryo= i guess so.

*addience girls go on stage and whack dawn with their bags and go bak to sitting and watching*

*dawn sees stars*

drake= well u DO deserve that

ryo= drake, y dont u be nicer?

dawn= *hugz ryo* y dont u listen to him from now on.

*screen starts to fade away and dawn runs to screen* NO!!!!!!! STOP!!!!

——-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~—————

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