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physical change

we made FIDGE FUDGE in class today! then we made smores and chocolate covered strawberrries! i ate two smores. YUMMY!



click on the pic. get it? ill be adding new stuff. and making this sight betta. good? ok nice.

blingee contest PUDDING AND SAKURA!


 ok so vote! i couldnt do a ichigo one…. no questions. VOTE!

the dear twin towers


the beautiful twin towers were standing there. just like a normal day.. and then came the horrible attacks…

if u want another video look below:

i know its very sad. i really cried wen i saw the second vid.  i got that one from Vos’s blog.

god bless all of you.

those poor, souls had such a long life to live… and then they died so suddenly.  nobody should have had to suffer like that. 

god bless u all



ok so i havent started….  lol…. um im not gonna like DRAW them.. ill make the dolls and they bee the characters. I ♥ CCS and TMM!

NEW POST! (finally!)

so i guess u were like WHERES DAWN!!!! SHE VANISHED! no i didnt. lol im busy. so UP COMING! (but will take lots of time) is a bunch of stuff. im gonna find some time to  draw stuff and im gonna have a little anime! plz im GONNA TRY. itll be a cartoon pplz. just with cuter drawing. ill try my BEST srry. ok ill have COLORIN! wich ill put random pics i make so u can color. ehh i dont care wat u do with them really. paint or in life who cares. i started FRENCH class today! yeaaaah FUN! ^^

ok so sigh MORE WORK. kk

bonne nuit!


Myspace Glitter Graphics

ok so NEBUS IS BAK!!!!!!!!!!!! yea! she commented on my blog.but i have no idea how she found it.oh nebus!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!