the dear twin towers


the beautiful twin towers were standing there. just like a normal day.. and then came the horrible attacks…

if u want another video look below:

i know its very sad. i really cried wen i saw the second vid.  i got that one from Vos’s blog.

god bless all of you.

those poor, souls had such a long life to live… and then they died so suddenly.  nobody should have had to suffer like that. 

god bless u all


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4 responses to “the dear twin towers

  • meridollakaari

    um i dont think the 1st pic r the twin towers…i think they’re the petrona twin towers…in Malaysia, cuz the twin towers r squared not round. anyways 2 the real stuff, i feel rlly bad for those ppl, the fact that makes me cry more is that they’re called the TWIN towers. that music of the 1st vid scares me, DID U C HOW THE PPL JUMPED OUT OF THE BUILDING!?!??! its vry sad when Kevin says OH GOD! OH! cuz thats when the tower started collapsing!!!! *cry*

    god bless america,


  • dawn1798

    oopz SORRY!!!!!!!! i didnt notice. so many pics came up i picked randomly.

  • meridollakaari

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Z alot!

  • Laynauna aka moo

    *sniff cry sniff* not really the right time to be talkin about selena gomez, doll

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