Messy Messy Me….

I thought I should tell this post my feelings on my neatness. WELL GUESS WHAT I’M NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING NEAT!!! I’M MESSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

 Okay I got that out…. I really do try to be neat but then everything gets messy again! The reason I’m writing this is for HELP!!!!! TELL ME HOW TO BE ULTRA NEAT!!!!!!!! I’M BEGGING! *gets on knees and begs* PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One response to “Messy Messy Me….

  • meridollakaari

    well….im not neat myself, actually im quite messy, if u enter my room u’ll prob c a mountain of clothes on a chair….so sorry but do this: make urself a daily organizer on excel or word or w.e u want (print it out, of course) and put stuff like: brush my teeth, make my bed, took a bath, cleaned my room etc. and put boxes next to it and evrytime u do stg put a checkmark and at the bottom put ur weekly goal for ex. My weekly goal is to reach: ______ points. if u reach ur goal tell ur parents to give u stg, like $5 or w.e u want. its helpful, it helped me in a while. =)

    ari ♥

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