My Blood-Curling Story

OK! I ADMIT IT! It might not be blood-curling, but I hope it gives you the chills! I might not finish it today though, so check tomorrow too.

      Poor Infortunate Becky Soul

                                        Or Becky Ghoul…

So evreyone knows Becky Soul right? No? Oh well I’ll tell you about her. But don’t expect me to hide the truth… She’s watching us, and wants us to say… THE TRUTH!

 Becky was a pretty girl, with a voice that could go on forever. But she also loves trains, and knives…. what a mistake to love those things…

One day, some dispicable girls made fun of Becky’s hair. She was so upset she was going to go on a train to visit her grandmother. When she arrived at the train station, the train, at the usual time it was in the station, was not there. Becky decided to run across the train tracks, to the prairie. So she grabbed her bag and stepped in the tracks. Nobody there saw the train, only its sound. The whistle blew and there was a shriek that could stop everyones heart. Everybody turned to the train tracks, but there was no sign of the train.  Only the train tracks on Becky, who was laying face-down.  Blood was splattered everywhere, and Becky’s bag ruined. People could still hear the scream although it was over. Becky’s pretty brown hair was covered in dirt, her dress ripped. Oh and the next day,  some very terrible accidents were happining… but revenge is not an accident my friends… it is on PURPOSE….

 please watch out for the next part of Becky’s story… or else.. BWA HAHAHAHAHA!

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