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New Story!

Konichiwa people! I just wanted to tell you i’ve thought of a brand-new story! But I already have two stories so I want YOU to vote either=

(A) I should keep both and write the new story

(B) erase the other two and move on to the other story

(C) don’t write a new story

please vote! I really want you to be happy with this! And hey! I’m writing CORRECTLY!


do u like it? i was really bored so i made the slideshow. its bout um….  Syaoran and Sakura in CCS. Beautiful! Hehehehehehe

tomoyo wonderland

plz do not copy these pics

so u think tomoyos ownderland wonderland is full of sakuras.. with tomoyos hand amde made costumes on… wow.. well here its just the opposite! pics of tomoyo!

so many things!

hey hey hey!  im back! ok soooo! um… i thought i would have thought of stuff to write bout… um ok ok lets SEE….  oh yeah i wanted to show u pplz stg u mite not have seen before. i um.. meow language i think. i sorta forgot ( but u can go to Vos blog and look for urself! its one of her pages)


Heow Ieow Peow Eeow Oeow Peow Leow Eeow

so lets cross it out now eh?

Heow Ieow Peow Eeow Oeow  Peow Leow Eeow

so u see? it says hi people. smart eh? yeah Vos is pretty awesome! yeah so im just telling u to go and see for urself! shes on my blogroll( NO DUH ) plus, go to dancer bris blog and um.. theres a surprise there! but u have to go and look for it well ^^ . yeah well im also gonna update sakura world (thats the name? i forgot) and add the following and maybe more!



srry if u cant see them all, my bad, but ull probaly be able to in sakura world or wonderland W.E!

neopets guide?

HEY HEY HEY!!!  so ive beeen playing neopets for a while and well.. lol i logged on a few secs ago and freaked out cuz my pets were dying of hunger.. and i was too rich for the soup faerie.. so i spent some money and fed them with the soup.. lol im soooo evil!!! but i was asking if maybe u guys want me to make a neopets guide with wat ill usally do! and if the info came from anotha person, ill credit them!

EX: making a shop credit= thnx soph for telling me bout this! i owe u one! ^^

do u get it? ok so u guys tell me if u want me to make one and ill try my best to reserch hard on more stuff, be fair to otha ppl if i got the info from them, and ill also try my best to put great tips and info! oh and PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!btw im a newbie so dont be mad if some of the info is lame.. ^^


MEILIN!MEILIN!MEILIN!SAKURA!SAKURA!SAKURA!TOMOYO!!!!! thats enough cheering for now eh?^^ lol i found stg really cute too! looki->   Click here to adopt Kitten MidnightAdopt your own Rainbow Bear! Click Here. Click here to adopt Cupcake the brown kitten @Lovely's Adoptables Click here to adopt a Green Critter @Lovely's Adoptables Adopt your own Cute Monkey! Click Here. Adopt your own Sleepy Dragon! Click Here. Adopt your own Baby Penguin! Click Here.