ahhhh here i can write without the strict order of my parents! or dad….. lolz so HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BOO! HALLOWEEN! lolz soooooo either wayz, here was MY costume,

 im soooooo much prettier than that girl. either wayz, i went trick or treating with a friend u guys dont know, and well… lets say there were awkard moments….


this dude wearing this dracula mask was there and i really got scare… trust me he was SCARY.


well this boy had a red mask and this other kid was staring at him and the boy was like WAT?


so this guy from Chile didnt have candy so he gave us…. blueberries… still they yummy tho ^^

#4= there was this bowl with some chips and the bottom and a bag of candy.. without any candy…. i reached in for it wen it was too late that well…. i um…. well in the bowl there was water… my hand really stinked….

so i hope u guys got tons of candy cuz I DID!!!

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