7:54 PM

So yesh… today is the new card games. UNFORTCH FOR ME!!!! I cant get on! GOD!!! And I bet it’s cause all those other ppl on! 😦 I won’t be able to see my cp friends!! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!! Kawaii Ariadna-san JUST BECAME FURIOUS ARIADNA-SAN!!!

8:02 PM

NADA!!!! I really don’t think this is fair!!! Guys.. Í’m sorry. B-but.. Mondays are NOT my  best days.

sakura38 I’m tellng yooh *sniffs* this is unfair and cruel to Dawn! LET ME PLAY!!!! *sobs* WHY DO PPL HATE DAWN ON MONDAYS!!! EVEN CP!!!! I’m so mad I’m gonna scream NONSENSE at this STUPID computer!

QWEYEUHJETHREVCc^tv^retghfsgbsfah^vc$%yerujgaerdofuoiKLFHBIfjgkjr#ou JKDHJAKFDJHKLFDAHJLDIUGrgklsklvhdsglhjkhglnre9vqjjjjjJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJCM[T02hgdshgfj64qiwUOIUIE5EIYJWJRHJWJJRUWHRDKAFHWAHGLSGJS.hj!!!!!!!

I feel a little better.does anyone have some advice for me?

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