Should I Take a Break?

You see, I AM very busy with work and I do get like really distracted on the computer. And this time, I’m not giving you the ” NO DON’T!!! DO NOT TAKE A BREAK!!” option. 🙂 I’m not quitting, I’m just thinking of taking a break so I can get organized and *coughs* do exercise. I’ve been eating a lot of candy lately 😀 too yummy! I’ll still go on Cp, on ice palace if CP will finally let me go on ice palace! NOTE: IF YOU GO ON ICE PALACE AND I AM NOT THERE BUT YOU HAVE BUDDIES ON OTHER SERVERS, PLEASE CHECK! I MIGHT BE THERE! Ice palace just doesn’t load!

Please vote now! My break will start on November 24, 2008. You have *counts* FIVE days to vote! 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll miss you all on my break. Hugz!

♥♥ Anime Ariadna-san♥♥

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