Monthly Archives: December 2008

quick post!

ok ok i dont have time to write correctly sooo i wanna write another story too, and hopefully find time for princess sun. i even drew her!!! yay! ok here it is=


I opened my eyes as my mom entered my room golding the mug of milk and cold oatmeal. Strawberries. I sighed and grabbed it. My mom left me in ausual routine. It’s not like I didn’t like my life, I love it. It’s just.. I want a bit more PIZZAZ!!! A bit more surprises. Boy, I got a surprise today. My friend didn’t invite me to her b-day party. Well, I guess it’s okay. I hurried up, left some milk and oatmeal (I usually don’t finish it), bushed my teeth, pour cold water over my face, and put on my uniform. ” Great.. it’s freezing” I muttered as I got in the car with a heavy bookpack, a thick science book, and my science board. I barely  could keep my eyes open.


i was thinking of making a story ( a bit mixed up tho) of my life, like ervyday( almost) i write wut i did that day! just thinking that. if u like it, well ill write it! =3 bye bye