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Some Stuff to do

I made two, no wait THREE, updates. Here they are:

1. Song Contest! Please go and vote!

2. Elouai Dolls page. Check it out. I only made two but c’mon, gimme a break.

3. This post >=)

So in Club Penguin the new pin is in the dojo. It’s a cute little tree!  and SOMEONE (not naming names) has left me alone WAITING for her to be back from her BRB which was like at idk! Seven or something.  Lol the penguins of madagascar are cute! Well, byeee!

bijouface1es5 Ham-Ham Dawn

Out of Construction!

Yay! Hey, that wasn’t too long. =) I tried my best to make it prettier XDDDDDDD lolz. Hey, does anyone know where i can find Hamtaro episodes (and I mean all of them.. Well, at least episode 14 and 15) ? I can’t find them anywhere! *sighs* I’ve tried a bunch of sites but nothing and I’m not allowed to download… I think. I seriously want to watch more episodes of the show! But, neverless, nobody uploads them. That’s what’s really making me ANGRY! La La La! Well, if you know where please oh please help me! And I need the actual link to episode 14 or 15. Don’t just tell me the site. I’m, like, begging here! PLEASE HELP ME! I totally need help! And if i don’t find them soon I think I’ll cry from the frustrating work! I’ve looked in tons of places and NADA! So, help me out ‘kay? Just comment with the exact link. AND DON’T BE LAZY! Please, it’s nice to know someone actually comes here. And if you don’t know where the episodes are, then can you just research a bit? And if you don’t know what Hamtaro is, look it up. If you have any ideas for this blog then you can also tell me =)

Hey and, I am SERIOUS. COMMENT. ’cause I know that at least 2 people come here. COMMENT. AAAAAND…. tell people to go here. It’s not a big deal. If you have a blog, then just right before you finish your post, just write this little sentence:

Please go to Dawn’s Blog, and be sure to comment. =)

Please! I get like, no comments at all and I try my best to please you! So.. COMMENT!!! Please. ’cause even though Doll was nice enough & caring enough that she wrote a post telling people to come here, I was expecting lot’s of comments. I’m really disappointed in you. And don’t give me any excuses!

So remember, help me find Hamtaro episodes ( I’ll give you a cookie ) and comment! And tell people to come here and comment!

bijoufacehd31 Ham-Ham Dawn

Like.. Under construction x3

Lolz… the title says it all…. but like for real…  ITS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! SO DONT COME HERE!!!! RAWR!!!

But before u go… i think ill make a list of watll ill fix!

1. widgets



4. post stuff

5.idk… ill see ^^

bijoufacerz1 xNEKOxDAWNx ( oh yeah my sig and  pic.. i rly have tow ork on that… lolz XD)

Ahh a website idea!

Tee-hee! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if i also had an actual website? ah, don’t worry! I would still write in here! Lol i love hamtaro sooo much! I ❤ bijou! Lolz I guess my brain doesnt work rite cuz havent u ever thought of Stan x Bijou?? I mean, like, in some webs for couples they could at least put the idea of it rite? T_T geez. im a BIJOUxSTAN/BIJOUxHAMTARO supporter! xD now we just have to wait til ppl will ever be nice and upload more eps in thw web. the ones i had burned didnt work. eh, major disappointment! grrr! i rly want a website to see how cool it is for layouts and stuff. O.o that reminds me idk how to do stuff in anythin… if photoshop confuses me then wat will i do now!!! T_T

PS. Im gonna do another post rite now, so like, i gotta tell u sum things. could u guys like comment and tell other ppl? like, plz? just tell then to visit once or twice and to comment! plz! kk, thnxxxxx!!!!! *ahh…. not in the haapiest mood cuz i discovered im lousy at these computer programs X( *

bijoufaceoz9 xNEKOxDAWNx

No more days

so that post i made the other day forget it. no more friday w.e

Dawn’s Official Day Of Thanks and Gratitude & Friendship Day

On Friday I will make that day the official Dawn’s day of  Thanks and Gratitude! I know we should always be thankful for what we have but on Friday I will (hopefully) name everything that I am thankful for. You guys can do that too. I’m going to make a list of everything and everyone I can think of  that I am thankful for. You guys should make a list too! You can post it in your blogs (if you have one) or just make a comment here telling me (if you want). I’d be more than happy if you guys want me to see the lists on your blog! Just give me the link if it’s not in my blogroll.

But Let’s start with my friendship day. These are for all my friends! =)


friendship_comment_graphic_06 friendship_quote_graphic_c2friendship_quotes_graphics_b4

Which of all of these is your favorite?

Happy Dawn’s Friendship Day! friendship_day_graphics_03

Has Apollo Learned His Lesson Yet?

Sheesh Apollo.. who loses their key in the river? REMINDER: ALWAYS have a replacement key with u incase u lose one!

me and doll have been looking everywhere but nada =/


Neko Dawn Show!!!!!

It’s the time I’ve been waiting for!……

The Dawn Show!!!!!!!

In Neko Form!

Nya~ I’m back! and this time its only me and these two kawaii twin cats! But… will we see a special guest star?

cats-wallpaper-1152x864 Lol… Twins…. Like Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club!!!!!!!!


So either way, lets talk about interviewing people! Okay? OKAY!!!!

Nah.. nvm

Let’s talk about KR!!! ( ps this info is from wikipedia)

Main characters

Kirari Tsukishima
Voiced by: Koharu Kusumi , Drama CD voice by: Miyu Matsuki
Age: 14
Favorite food: Crepe and many others

Kirari is a cute and gluttonous 14 year old girl who strives to be an idol. In the beginning she only wanted to be an idol so she can get closer to Seiji, but now she really likes show business. Like a lot of shōjo heroines, she is clumsy, dense, overly trusting of others, and lacks common sense. She is also inexperienced at sewing, cooking and some other household chores. Despite her shortcomings and lack of talents, she manages to persevere because of the help she receives from SHIPS and her cat, Naa-san, and because of her unwavering spirit and resilience. Kirari appears to have the ability to understand, not simply the common pets such as her own pet Nā-san which appear throughout the series, but actual animals too (in character with the show, nobody notices or makes a fuss about this point).[5] Also, she has a unique characteristic of turning all artistic designs into mushroom shapes.[6] Over the course of the show she not only becomes an idol, but also performs a series of odd jobs to promote her company (or in some cases to accidents) such as being a part of a variety show,[7] a manager for other talents (her first job),[8] an actress,[9] a policewoman,[10] a circus clown,[11] a manga artist,[12] and even the pink ranger.[13] She is also a member of the idol unit Kira☆Pika which consists of her and another girl which is talented but has stage fright. Later she start another group known as Milky Way with 2 other girls. As the series progresses, Kirari starts to realize that she actually likes Hiroto but continues also having feelings for Seiji too.In Kirarin Revolution Stage 3, episode 129,a new male idol appears and starts to like Kirari.
Name Origin: Tsukishima means “Moon Island” and “Kirari” is an onomatopoeia for shining.

Voiced by: Chigusa Ikeda , Drama CD voice by: Kumiko Higa
Kirari’s cat. He is an outstanding cat that can sew, cook, and do other chores. Na-san has received recognition for his intelligence and singing abilities. He even knows how to repair vending machines. As a mascot character to the heroine, he provides a lot of help to Kirari and protects her from danger (such as when Hiroto gets too close to Kirari, Na-san hits/covers Hiroto’s face). At the same time, it is also shown that he is a genius cat which excels in both english and mathematics. His favorite food is taiyaki.
Name Origin: He says “na.”

Hiroto Kazama
Voiced by: Akio Suyama (episodes 1-102), Takuya Ide (episodes 103-) Drama CD voice by: Masaki Mimoto
Age: 14
Favorite food: Grilled Meat and Cooked Pork
A member of SHIPS. In contrast to Seiji, he is brutally honest with Kirari and even calls her stupid, but he is usually the one who ends up helping her in sticky situations. He later falls in love with Kirari as you can see him blush in front of Kirari (who doesn’t notice). On episode 24, to disguise both of them, he hugs her at the beach (which causes Kirari to blush and start to think…). He is the oldest of 5 brothers and is excellent at doing chores. Hiroto is jealous of the new coming male idol.
Name Origin: “kaza” refers to wind, “hiro” refers to the universe

Seiji Hiwatari
Voiced by: Souichiro Hoshi (episodes 1-102), Shikou Kanai (episodes 103-) Drama CD voice by: Wataru Hatano
Age: 14
Favorite food: candy Seaweed and Japanese food
A member of SHIPS, as well as Kirari’s love interest. He is very rich. His parents disagree with him being an idol. Throughout the beginning of the series, he seems oblivious to Kirari’s feelings, but by episode 12 he begins to portray feelings of jealousy over Hiroto’s and Kirari’s friendly relationship. He knows that Kirari and Hiroto love each other and that his feelings towards Kirari are not as deep as Hiroto’s feelings towards her. He is gentle and says very encouraging words to Kirari. Since he is as dense as her, he always has a calm and clueless expression. When he is wandering around in the city, he disguises himself as an otaku. In episode 125, he hugged Kirari. This may be showing that he may have feelings for Kirari too.
Name Origin: “hi” refers to day, “sei” refers to star

KR is a shōjo anime, which means it’s mostly for girls! =D yaaay! It’s a  romantic comedy as wikipedia says. Trust me, it’s really funny and cute!

The Story

Kirari Tsukishima, a gluttonous 14-year-old beauty, is a girl who does not care about idols and the entertainment world because her mind is occupied by food. Her obsession with food only causes her to be clueless about love. One day, after saving a turtle that is stranded in a tree, Kirari meets a handsome and gentle boy named Seiji, who gives her a ticket to a SHIPS (a popular idol group) concert to show his gratitude for her saving his pet. Kirari then storms off to the concert and runs into another boy, who tears up her ticket and warns her to stay away from Seiji because she and Seiji live in different worlds. The outraged Kirari then sneaks into the concert, only to discover that Seiji and the boy who tore her ticket, named Hiroto, are actually members of SHIPS. Finally understanding the meaning of “different worlds” (Seiji is a popular idol while she is an average middle school student), Kirari refuses to give up. Filled with determination to be with Seiji, she declares that she will also become an idol.


naa-san! show them  a kawaii u!!!


Kirari! HI!!!!

kirarinrevolution20 : HI!!!!!!! I brought the pictures u asked me for!!

*grabs pics*

mod_article234593 seiji-kun!!!

kirarinrevolution-hiroto-kun hiroto too!!!!


The End

Its Done *cries*

Im done with ouran high school host club. i…need…second…season… NOW!!!! *cries* but theres NONE!!! *sobs*