Ahh a website idea!

Tee-hee! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if i also had an actual website? ah, don’t worry! I would still write in here! Lol i love hamtaro sooo much! I ❤ bijou! Lolz I guess my brain doesnt work rite cuz havent u ever thought of Stan x Bijou?? I mean, like, in some webs for couples they could at least put the idea of it rite? T_T geez. im a BIJOUxSTAN/BIJOUxHAMTARO supporter! xD now we just have to wait til ppl will ever be nice and upload more eps in thw web. the ones i had burned didnt work. eh, major disappointment! grrr! i rly want a website to see how cool it is for layouts and stuff. O.o that reminds me idk how to do stuff in anythin… if photoshop confuses me then wat will i do now!!! T_T

PS. Im gonna do another post rite now, so like, i gotta tell u sum things. could u guys like comment and tell other ppl? like, plz? just tell then to visit once or twice and to comment! plz! kk, thnxxxxx!!!!! *ahh…. not in the haapiest mood cuz i discovered im lousy at these computer programs X( *

bijoufaceoz9 xNEKOxDAWNx

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