Out of Construction!

Yay! Hey, that wasn’t too long. =) I tried my best to make it prettier XDDDDDDD lolz. Hey, does anyone know where i can find Hamtaro episodes (and I mean all of them.. Well, at least episode 14 and 15) ? I can’t find them anywhere! *sighs* I’ve tried a bunch of sites but nothing and I’m not allowed to download… I think. I seriously want to watch more episodes of the show! But, neverless, nobody uploads them. That’s what’s really making me ANGRY! La La La! Well, if you know where please oh please help me! And I need the actual link to episode 14 or 15. Don’t just tell me the site. I’m, like, begging here! PLEASE HELP ME! I totally need help! And if i don’t find them soon I think I’ll cry from the frustrating work! I’ve looked in tons of places and NADA! So, help me out ‘kay? Just comment with the exact link. AND DON’T BE LAZY! Please, it’s nice to know someone actually comes here. And if you don’t know where the episodes are, then can you just research a bit? And if you don’t know what Hamtaro is, look it up. If you have any ideas for this blog then you can also tell me =)

Hey and, I am SERIOUS. COMMENT. ’cause I know that at least 2 people come here. COMMENT. AAAAAND…. tell people to go here. It’s not a big deal. If you have a blog, then just right before you finish your post, just write this little sentence:

Please go to Dawn’s Blog, http://www.dawn1798.wordpress.com and be sure to comment. =)

Please! I get like, no comments at all and I try my best to please you! So.. COMMENT!!! Please. ’cause even though Doll was nice enough & caring enough that she wrote a post telling people to come here, I was expecting lot’s of comments. I’m really disappointed in you. And don’t give me any excuses!

So remember, help me find Hamtaro episodes ( I’ll give you a cookie ) and comment! And tell people to come here and comment!

bijoufacehd31 Ham-Ham Dawn

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