Gah~ I was hoping on making a nice long post where u can have some really kawaii music but nooooo stupid wordpress keeps putting the pic option even though I press the little music note. 410081980_923653 But for real, LISTEN TO THE KAWAII MUSIC LINK! >.< So not fair. Anyways, let’s go!

Okay so like a reaaaally long time ago, the 18th we went to Islands of Adventure (the  whole grade! Woo-hoo!) and then I totally thought we were the only school there and then… DARN IT! There were othere schools. D: Not fair, I repeat, not fair. But YAAAAY!!!!!!! We aare like totally graduating next week! though I have no idea if its Friday of Thrusday. Gah~ I forgot to tell you why I’m posting after ten million years. Doll was like totally annoying me with those write again comments. Blech. Happy now Doll?

Well then, theres my drawing doll business, where I’m too lazy to make Ju’s doll. She keeps flicking me every day when I tell her I havent started. p: Lazy and proud is my motto. And then again I only have the mental capactity for some things. Yeah, I may be a smarty person and all but my brain can’t take it anymore. Gotta scream. Nah, just kidding. GOD! I am angry and the school! FIRST OF ALL, why do we have to read in the summer? Don’t we read enough in the school year? Apparently not. And then, with a bonus of reading four books, we have HOMEWORK. That’s like going to school but at home >.< Not fun. If you can’t see how irritated I am, then you’re amazing. My goal for this post shall be 2000 words! Woo! I already got um…. 287 words. I think. Anyways, we went bowling today. Not Ju or Soph or Niki, they didn’t pay. Bleh… BUT GUESS WHAT!! My friend, Fatima, got like 100 something! Me?… Like 48… I know! I’m awful DX.

Harvest moon: Tree of tranquility is AWESOME!!! I shall marry Luke *glomps luke* on one file amd Gill *giggles and says gilligan* on the other! I’m helping my mom. She finished all the rainbows and stuff and now shes like bwaling over the fact she has the find the seedling of hope. And GEE! Gill and the mayor have no clue ’bout it! Rawr, must find Calvin. I must always help her! Lolz. But I’ll get back to the subject in a second.

I liked this school year.  My teachers were funny, and I made new friends… actually, not really, on the friends part. Even though we had tons of homework, we had the Ancient Greece shows and the memories we had together are great. I love you all! What I didn’t like though is that 1. Too much homework. 2. Teachers got mad easily, and often. 3. We had to switch at 12 every day D:

Okay so back on HM: TOT. Meh~  my mom who is playing as a boy, just proposed to Candace! She said yes and the wedding will be on Winter 1!But gosh, she is so obssessed with finding that seed of hope thing. Oh God 518 words!?!? I’m so tired.. Lets make my goal HALF of it. So 1000 words. Tee-hee. I remember I made a new Blingee today.


The blingee is of Gill (TOT) and Carl (MM).


That little face on that looks like a pasta piece with a kawaii face is ME! Lolz, I just love the way Gill looks at his piece of cake and Carl is all smiles. Lets just forget that it looks like hes staring at the arrow/ the 100% cutie sign. I felt like putting all those :3 faces ‘ cause I wanted you to die in the kawaii-ness. Gill rocks. And so does Luke. And Julius as a close 2nd, becuase Luke and Gill are 1st. I can’t pick. And then Chase as 3rd. Meh~ They look like best friends XD Tell me they do. CUPCAKE OF FRIENDSHIP! Those kitty cakes and cute. Tee-hee.  Then that little cat ball cutie thing is again, ME!! I just obssess over him in that pic. Get me pics of him and Akari! I request it! Lol I’ve been going a whole post bout Gill. Luke deserves one too. And Juli ❤ Yeah I’m gonna say Juli. It’s cute ❤ . And I’m gonna make a new file so I can woo Gill! Wait, wait, last thing on Gill. THAT THING ON HIS HEAD MAKES HIM TWICE THE CUTER! WHEEEEEE!!!!! *glomps Gill doll*

So lets talk about Luke okay? He is soooo cute! He is just a cute goof that say ILY in one of the events. I think it’s the confession. He is just hilarious. Lol I wanna hug him every day! Gah~  but what annoys me is that he says the same thing over and over again. But it must be worth it right? GAH~  I WANNA GLOMP HIM!!! Btw, if you don’t know what glomp is, look it up ^^. Actually here it is so you guys won’t bother me with it.

Glomp — A hug in the manner of a small child, similar to a bearhug but often including one or both legs as well as arms. Also a hug in which the hugger jumps and catches the victim by surprise or off-guard. Occasionally referred to as a cross between a running tackle and a bearhug.

An embrace of this kind; to embrace enthusiastically; to pounce on and hug, often from a running start. Generally feminine or childish in nature

La La La! Almost done! 925 Words! I’m gonna start on a pic that I can use for when I finish a post. Heh heh heh! I already know how it’s going to look. OMG! Only 53 more words. So I have finals next week. No school on Monday! Guess why… It’s Memorial Day. So take a day off from school/work. Relax! Eat a cupcake. Watch a show. Read a paragraph. Hey! Exactly 1000 words! Yay Me!

Princess Dawn ❤

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