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Yay Family time!

So my family (Well part of it, anyways) from Tampa came and we ate Chinese food! Then we, well we still ARE playing wii fit. I am exhausted from 13 minutes of rhythm boxing. If you guys want to feel DEAD  from exercise (sp?), then do that. And I promise you, 13 minutes, in EXPERT.  We are having SO MUCH FUN! And, my little cousin is soooo cute. His name is Edwin… I think. I’ll check later. He is like the cutest baby I have EVER seen. Lol.  Oh and my cousin (the older girl one ^^) is sleeping over! Well, they ALL are. But I swear that if they mess up my wii fit account thing, I will MESS UP THEIRS! Lol, revenge is sweet x3 .  I hope we have fun the whole time they are here. I hope they stay long though.  Oh and if you guys didn’t know, Doll is back! OH! And before I forget I have 2 things to tell you.

1. I have a new page, Called Best Friends hall of… Friendship? (or something along the lines of that) ABOUT:  There  you can learn about my friends and how great they are. ^^

2.   Do you guys know how to animate things? If you do, can you tell me how? And with what programs?

Oh and I was gonna ask more but thanks to my FAMILY *rolls eyes* but oh well. Maybe I’ll remember later. Oh and great, I can’t get near to my little cousin since I was sick (but now I am better, thank god I didn’t have anything serious) so yeah, and now he’s crying. Awwww, but the fact he was calmer when I was humming a little song to him really isn’t any help is it? Well, BAAAAAAAI!

With lots of love, Snowflake ❤

Citizenship & 7,000 views <3

Hey guys! Guess what! I am now an official U.S. citizen! Yup! Oh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you better be expecting a great surprise from me since I already have 7,000+ hits.  Yeah this is a really short post. But I promise I will write more another day! Oh and guys…



With Lots of love, Snowflake ❤

I’m so frustrated! And other stuff

This is going to be a ranting post so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO ANGRY! AND I AM SO HOPELESS!!!! FIRST OF ALL, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE STUPID PHOTOSHOP CS!!!! IF ANY OF YOU HAVE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE HELP ME! GAH! It is soooo frustrating! I mean really! Gosh! I wanna hit the stupid computer! You know, I also NEED paint tool SAI. GAH! And hopefully *crosses fingers* one day I will get a tablet so I can FINALLY DRAW ON THIS STUPID COMPUTER! I’m sorry. It just makes me so mad! *sighs* This makes me so mad. I wanna draw like Dreachu (my hero!)  from YT and DA. *sighs* But I never will.  Well anyways, Let me talk about something that won’t make me mad.

I’m gettin Avalon Code, Rune Factory2, and Legend of Starfy! Yay! Still waiting for them to arrive though.

Well, I think that I will go and put up a song for you guys to listen to. It has become one of my favorites really quickly XP… here:

Snowflake ❤

To Get, or Not to Get; Is The Question

Well, since I am already in summer vacation and all and I got super fantastic scores on the big bad FCAT, my daddy promised me gifts! But sadly… I don’t know what to get D: and yesssss this is a very big deal.

I want to get Harvest Moon DS cute.


Then, I might want the new pokemon game…


And I also want imagine Ballet Star (I’m not sure that THAT is it’s name though)… But last and not least, I want to try Rune Factory 2 and Avalon Code… But… D: I’m so bad when it comes to monsters! I get scarred so easily not remmbering it’s  just a game… I CANNOT EVEN PLAY LEGEND OF ZELDA: PHAMTOM HOURGLASS  ‘CAUSE I GET SO SCARED!… I feel so sad. But I was thinking that if I tried playing those games maybe, just maybe, I can overcome my fear! But the screenshots of Avalon Code look so cool… But then again, so does Rune Factory 2… But… What screenshot doesn’t look cool? Ugh. So hard. I don’t think I will have a happy ending since that IS 5 games. And I don’t think my dad will buy them all. But then again, he can buy 4 and I can but the last one! Hmm… People really seem to like Avalon Code and Rune Factory2 so I don’t know what to do. Well, to find out what I will get we will just have to wait and see!

EDIT:  Actually, these are the games I want after a certain SOMEONE told me about it.

note: The games aren’t in favorite mode or anything. I’m just saying them.

1. Avalon Code

2.Rune Factory 2

3. Ballet Star

4. Legend of Starfy Owner

Snowflake ❤

P.S. Yesh… I got a new sig, get over it if you don’t like snowflakes. XD