To Get, or Not to Get; Is The Question

Well, since I am already in summer vacation and all and I got super fantastic scores on the big bad FCAT, my daddy promised me gifts! But sadly… I don’t know what to get D: and yesssss this is a very big deal.

I want to get Harvest Moon DS cute.


Then, I might want the new pokemon game…


And I also want imagine Ballet Star (I’m not sure that THAT is it’s name though)… But last and not least, I want to try Rune Factory 2 and Avalon Code… But… D: I’m so bad when it comes to monsters! I get scarred so easily not remmbering it’s  just a game… I CANNOT EVEN PLAY LEGEND OF ZELDA: PHAMTOM HOURGLASS  ‘CAUSE I GET SO SCARED!… I feel so sad. But I was thinking that if I tried playing those games maybe, just maybe, I can overcome my fear! But the screenshots of Avalon Code look so cool… But then again, so does Rune Factory 2… But… What screenshot doesn’t look cool? Ugh. So hard. I don’t think I will have a happy ending since that IS 5 games. And I don’t think my dad will buy them all. But then again, he can buy 4 and I can but the last one! Hmm… People really seem to like Avalon Code and Rune Factory2 so I don’t know what to do. Well, to find out what I will get we will just have to wait and see!

EDIT:  Actually, these are the games I want after a certain SOMEONE told me about it.

note: The games aren’t in favorite mode or anything. I’m just saying them.

1. Avalon Code

2.Rune Factory 2

3. Ballet Star

4. Legend of Starfy Owner

Snowflake ❤

P.S. Yesh… I got a new sig, get over it if you don’t like snowflakes. XD

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