A gift for cord <3

HI!!!!!!! I’m back! lol I am back from nowhere xP

So anyways the other day I asked cord some questions  and one of them was if she would like a drawing made by me! And she said that she would! And even if she didn’t I would have still made it lawl. I’m just that kind of person xD

At first I was considering that I would draw it on paper, then trace it again on copy paper, color it, then scan it. But that seemed like too much work and I think this would be a great opportunity to test out using layers and all on Paint.Net . And guess what I chose. YUP! Computer drawing lolz. Sorry if the drawing is a bit bad, I have to use a mouse. No tablet >.> … YET lol.

No stealing!



Cords gift from me to you:

Cords Gift

That’s my first try at using layers and being all complicated so no hating it lolz. Cord is the only one able to save that pic! And then nobody can save the following ones lolz.

These are more drawings that well uh, I did. But no layers or anything complicated  lolz. Now I see that it’s  really easy in a way ❤

Random school girl xD (drawing made on Paint and then colored on Paint.net)

Ariana (All paint lolz)

dari (drawn on paper, scanned, and then colored on Paint.net)

Ice_cream_for_soph (All paint lol)

KAWAII! (paint.net)

Love Life (paint.net)

Oh and please  don’t steal! I worked hard on those >.>

Lots of love, Snowflake ❤

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8 responses to “A gift for cord <3

  • flippy

    ur a good drawer!!! those pics are so good… i cant draw at all on paint!!!

    • dawn1798

      aww! thnx fillpy ^^ if u think paint is hard.. then ull think photoshop and GIMP r like.. monsters or stg lolz. i cant seem to work in them well due to.. >.> idk. photoshop hates me :’D

      Snowflake ❤

  • cordiallyakacaroline

    thanx so much! that is so special! ur really good on paint. i get frustrated whenever i try to do somethin on it. i like all ur drawings, but the one for me is ubber special! hugs, hugs, hugs, i LOVE it!

    • dawn1798

      thnx! i tried my best on urs since i was using layers on paint.net and layers rlly frustrated me since i didnt know how to use em xD it took me like wat, 20, 30 mins top?? u know, since its small xD

      Snowflake ❤

  • dawn1798

    OH NOES! someone said im bad ;A; they have hurt me. i-i know im bad D: *cries* they r so mean T_T *cries*

    Snowflake </3

    (see? the heart is broken now ;w;)

  • meridollakaari

    omg dawn!!! u have a gift! these r the best drawings ive EVER seen! i was gonna get u a book on how to draw manga but it seems like u dont need it!! i cant draw like that. im gonna draw stg and show it on my blog so ppl will c how horrible i am!!

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