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Awesome Pool Day and The Wizards Movie!

Awesome Pool Day: First I want to tell Meridoll AKA Ariana (One of my best friends) for inviting me to her place to go to the pool. She also invited Sophia and her sister, and later on her cousin came. We were there for a couple of hours. I had tons of fun. We swam, threw the ball we had around, poked each other, and I threw them into the water too, when they got on my shoulders >w< they wanted me to and it was fun. We also played volleyball. We didn’t play for a long time though, ’cause it was 2 against 1 (Me being the one, lol) since Sophia’s sister didn’t want to play, just watch. Then Sophia wanted to go back in the water so we did, and we played some more. then around 7:20 PM we left and while we were walking to Ari’s house since we would wet her car and her mom didn’t want us to, we walked. Anyways as I was saying, when we were walking back, sophia’s mom came and picked them up. I didn’t want her to leave but I’ll see her on Monday. Then we got into Ari’s apartment with her cousin and we went in her room and watched a bit of the Wizards Movie, which I’ll talk about later. Then we ate yummy chicken burgers, and sadly, my parents picked me up. I called them to let me stay a little longer, but, they had called from the cell phone (and I don’t remember the number D:) and I called home so obviously nobody answered. Oh well! So again, thanks Ari for the awesome day! heart

The Wizards of Waverly Place Movie: I loved this movie! I watched it yesterday, when it premiered on television. I just loved it. WoWP is one of my favorite shows. I almost cried at the sad parts 😦 But it’s still a GREAT movie. I recomend it ^^ but my opinion is worth nothing so don’t pay attention to me ^^.

So, I’ll write again later this week I guess. I’ll try to. Bye!

P.S. OMG. You’re such a copy dog! (Lol, it’s an inside joke so it’s okay if you don’t get it ^^ you probably won’t though)

Middle School! <3

Dude, I thought middle school would suck but it rocks! 8D So far I LOVE all my teachers! They’re so funny and nice ❤ Oh, and at first I was upset ’cause instead of art I had gotten music after a mix up, but now I would NEVER want to get out! I can’t wait to get my instrument. I really want to play the oboe. And if I REALLY can’t get the oboe, either the trombone or trumpet. 8D listen to them:




ooooo I’m so excited! xD

No homework today! XD

… D: I was gonna say something else….

But I forgot.. Sorry *sweatdrop* I’ll edit this I remember.

And do any of you have Magicians Quest: Mysterious times for DS? I do! :3

I’ll try to write again tomorrow ❤


OH MAI GAWD. I could NOT believe it! I… GOT… 10,000 hits!!!!!!!!1 I MADE A PIC FOR ALL MY READERS! 8D I love you guys! Thank you so much! >w< I wanna thank Doll, Soph, Lau, Flippy, Cord, and my dad for visiting and helping me! dummy


Please continue visiting and commenting la

Sorry </3

Guys, I’m sorry if  I don’t write as much, or I don’t respond to your e-mails, or comment on your blogs or reply to you. Since now I bet I’m gonna have more homework, more studying, more BLEH.

School. Starts. On. Monday.

D: Please forgive me if I don’t write another post in a week, don’t rush me, and..

I am not dead if you don’t hear from me miserable

Don’t expect me to write if you rush me either >:I


What the Pudding, What does it mean D’:

HAI THERE GUYS! Tee-hee, today we had chinese, so like, we had fortune cookies. But mine is confusing to me! Look what it says:

He who sows courtesy reaps friendship

What the pudding does THAT mean.

Help please.

Its my bday 8D

Lawl well actually not really TODAY but tomoro. lol = lawl

im not in the mood to write perfect since like, lol im super excited. 8D im turning 11 tomoro! tomoro= 08/17/09

GIVE ME A PRESENT! lol just kidding… maybe D:


EDIT: My gosh, they called the school and they said those cards are wrong >: (  so like never mind 😐 I’ll probably  be with them. Or I might not. No I just kidding. it’s like a 99% chance and all. I mean who splits up a class of 20?It is UNREASONALE >:3

I might not be with them OTL I guess I might be going solo =A=  or at least, I might make new friends =\ probably not…

:< I’m so sad… Today I got the letter that tells me the room of my classroom for 6th grade and… Ariana (AKA meridoll) … I will not be with you :< I’m sorry. I’m in 602. OTL  it’s gonna be so hard without my best friend with me 😦 . When I found out I couldn’t even scream or talk. I made the weirdest noise evah D: Like, tears were streaming down on my face but my mouth was shut and all I could do was this:

bwahsd,hf,dsflshkhl *But all like, muffled cuz it was inside my mouth*

It was like I couldn’t speak. I’m so sad D: Somehow I knew I wasn’t gonna be with her 😦 I always have the bad luck and get separated. You know, I already hate middle school and I haven’t even seen the teachers or the classroom yet 😦 I. HATE.YOU.MIDDLE.SCHOOL.

I know I should have talked to my friends more at that party reunion thing 😦 but I was so mean to you ignoring you and trying to hit you with water balloons D< I’m so ashamed of myself. I just hope I get at least maegan, niki, lau, or soph with me. D:< COME ON, one friend in that class is all I want. >: ( anybody else is not good for me. I practically hate almost all of the girls in my class since.. They’re like.. IDK stuck up or stg D:  😦 I hope they mad a mistake <——— probably not.  I think theres two gifted classes. WELL GOSH DARNIT I HATE YOU MIDDLE SCHOOL D< YOU CAN BURN AND  I HOPE THE ASHES WILL BE BLOWN AWAY D<

… ._. I am not happy pestered


IDK y but I thought I would be a bit happy since really, I don’t like to be around people. D: But I feel dead now



Lonely.. and bored :[

EDIT: I made a OC yesterday nite. Its actually me.

ARI oc

Shes a bit scary tho… death glare xD

:[ idk.. im bored P:  and sorta lonely :[ my friends rnt on that much anymore, so i dont rlly have anybody to talk to now… maybe i should meet some new ppl online or stg… my friends seem to ignore me too much. :[ i guess ppl do change… does anybody have any ideas on wat i could do overall? and i mean not just the friend thing :[ i meant the bored part. wat has the world come to where we’re at the point where we seem to have lost our friendships and :[ idk.. ill stop borring u now.  and isnt this pic cute? (trying to make me happy by look at stg cute .x.)

51 50

so cute >w< i love gill and akari. and i also love luke. and chase. and juli. and.. toby i guess.

What does OTL mean?

Dude… Like.. I’m only doing this because Flippy DOES NOT SEE THE DARN OTL. So like, I’m gonna help her out with this post 😀

STILL don’t see it Flippy? D: Well then you are in trouble D: Oh and, you can also google it :3


And now, what orz means… D: GO GOOGLE IT.

dummy So now you know what it means :3

I do not own Deviantart (‘course not), OR prince orange (I DO NOT OWN PPL D:), OR OTL … But you knew that…

mwahaha And don’t expect me to tell you wat orz is or to help you anymore with OTL  ’cause google was invented for a reason  mwahaha

Snowflake ❤