Lonely.. and bored :[

EDIT: I made a OC yesterday nite. Its actually me.

ARI oc

Shes a bit scary tho… death glare xD

:[ idk.. im bored P:  and sorta lonely :[ my friends rnt on that much anymore, so i dont rlly have anybody to talk to now… maybe i should meet some new ppl online or stg… my friends seem to ignore me too much. :[ i guess ppl do change… does anybody have any ideas on wat i could do overall? and i mean not just the friend thing :[ i meant the bored part. wat has the world come to where we’re at the point where we seem to have lost our friendships and :[ idk.. ill stop borring u now.  and isnt this pic cute? (trying to make me happy by look at stg cute .x.)

51 50

so cute >w< i love gill and akari. and i also love luke. and chase. and juli. and.. toby i guess.

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