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SHY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG I LOVE SHY GUYS!!!!! No, not guys who are shy. SHY GUYS. You know, from the mario games? GOD! I love them!!!!! I really do! And this post is really quick cuz i have to go see a movie rite now xD but FOR REALZ, I LOVE SHY GUYS! im thinking of being one for halloween. So, who cares if its not the prettiest costume or a great one like my friends. ill love it, and ill probably wear it every time i play mario games or stg. D:< and for u dummies who have never seen a shy guy, here:


Yah, thats rite, i wanna dress  up like that.


I don’t think that this week I’ll be on the comp very much. It’s starting to give me a headache, and I am trying to not get addicted, so, this week, I won’t be writing OR commenting.



NOOOOO!!!! The weekend flew by! UGH. I HATE A days because we have math. I hate math! It’s so UGH! We took a test today. Then we took another one but we didn’t finish. D< Some stupid drama in math because I forgot my math book and had to do part of it on the internet.  ):< I wasn’t the only forgetful one! Then we went to science, we really didn’t do much there. Went to lunch, ate, then went to music. Whoop-de-doo. I got my trombone. ):< Can’t take it home yet though. The case is two things.


2. BIG

Not so fun ):< it gets even bigger than it already is AND it’s half my height in the case! God, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hit the kid in front of me. I didn’t know it was gonna sound funny either when I volunteered for it. 003_

Did my homework and my friends got all snobby because I didn’t want to continue 6-waying with them XD I kept telling them I had homework left, which was true. >:3 I am not up for that stuff. Plus, every time I answered they screamed in my ear D< NOT FUN.

‘ Til tomorrow! Bai-Bai


D< Today was BLEH.  L.A was okay, then geography was awful, and we got geography homework, plus, in computers we barely had any play time ): Then I was completely angry at Sophia because she  left me on hold for like 10 mins. Then I saw that wordpress didn’t let GIFS actually move. So, I can’t put moving pics or anything. Care to complain anyone? Oh, and I made a poll :3


Okay, I decided each week I will have a log for each school day. Even if I don’t have school on one day, I’ll still try to update. If I don’t, then that  just means that I’m either procrastinating, too sick, busy, or too lazy. It’ll probably either #1 or 4. So, lets begin!

bulletpink Monday 09/7/09 :

DUUUUUUUUDE… I love Labor Day O3O more or less for the fact that we have no school, and I can sleep all day ❤

Went to the doctor. Yay. Got medication.

I’m sick of vampires D< Don’t ask but my friends are jerks D<

bulletpink Tuesday 09/8/09 :

I still feel bad ):  but, I still went to school. Got Language Arts Homework. D< This is the THIRD time I have to write this, so, no more for now. I’m too tired. :I maybe next time.

P.S. Had to use the Deviantart bullets since WordPress hates me and won’t work right. Don’t sue me.

Friday :

In a rush so, like, not writing the other days.  Decided im not writing for anyone. just for me. my friends hate me. im just so sad i dont think i mite want to even talk. start to cry everytime i even open my mouth so.. no.. no more. im not gonna get pushed around like a dog anymore.

I-I Think I’m Sick :(

I got sick… My throat hurts when I swallow and I have a small headache. Plus, the light hurts my eyes. Sorry if I’ve been ignoring you guys a bit. I’ve been busy. ):


:3 okay, well, bye-bye! Oh, and I got a twitter! D: Yeah yeah… It’s all Doll’s fault D<