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Happy New Years!

Happy New Years 

I hope all you guys have had a great 2009

and if you didn’t, then I hope that 2010 will be better for you!

For all of those who lost jobs, or friends or family,

I wish the best for 2010

so you can get a new job,

a new, loyal, friend,

and for you to be strong if you lost family members.

Have fun counting down to the New Year!

P.S. Remember, the poll in my last post is still open! Vote!

Marriage and a Gamers Blog?


I was thinking, what if I made a gamers blog? Or even possibly, and gamers WEBSITE?

By this, I mean having a blog OR website, where I would just talk about games and stuff, leaving this blog to the usual stuff! What do you guys think?

Oh, and I got Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

I am soooo mad though. There’s only 3 save files, and I wanna marry Gill, Juli, and Toby, but since it’s my moms game too, she wants to marry Chase. :C Poor Toby. I lav ya anyways Toby ❤

I Got a Skateboard :D


But the pattern is ugly >__>;;;

It’s like a blue dragon thing with a sword through it. Bleh.

😀 I shall practice on it for a while, and then buy a new prettier one! Yay~

Bai, happy holidays guys.

Hi Guys~ :3 Just Wanted to Check in With Chu <3 And Merry Xmas~

Hi Guys! :3 What’s up?

I was planning on writing this last week but I had Midterms (and well, for computers, it’s a final). @n@ I didn’t like the subjective ones, but the objective ones ( D:> Those are the ones that are multiple choice right?!) are easy so far 🙂

I’m sorta sick though. Starting on Friday, I began to be very hot but I was cold. Now I get to the point were I’m freezing. Also, when I walk or sometimes even sit, I get dizzy and it feels like in I’m walking on a cloud. I also get massive headaches, and my throat hurts a little. But I’m feeling better today <: )

Urgg, I change from computers to P.E next year. Well, it’ll do me good XD But some guys that will be in P.E are so ugh >:C  (They’re in Comps too, our small period will all go to P.E DX ). Computers is so much fun :’C and the teacher rocks too! (~=3=)~ Music is going good too. We had Christmas shows last week 😀 . I have to say, for kids that have been playing only 2 months, we ROCKED! 8D Gahaha, I play my trombone a lot better now 😀I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL XMAS! XD  Gahhh!!!! I LOVE XMAS!  Only 12 more days!

😀 Okay, well, bye!