Woooooo…. Gaming/Anime Marathon <3

Haha… I got the idea yesterday before I went to sleep. Um, the idea was that, in spring break, I play Pokemon: Platinum a lot… and I finish Lucky Star… And start it too… haha..

But also, since the weekend when V-Day happens, it’s a long weekend (3 days, not counting Friday), I could like.. finish Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story… So I’m gonna make a plan… I really want the Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver..

But, I have Rotom in Platinum, so I probably WON’T start over… since I don’t wanna risk losing such an awesome Pokemon.. haha…

I’ll edit later~

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One response to “Woooooo…. Gaming/Anime Marathon <3

  • Sophia

    Hehee, I have that Mario & Luigi game too, but, since I dunno what to do anymore, I gave up. xD I’m a big fat failure. Well, I hope that..Plan of yours goes well. (:

    P.S (AGAIN >:C)
    I had to write this comment THREE times because I did soemthing wrong. >:C
    1. I for got to write my email box.
    2. I put the email in the wrong box.
    Gaaah! *Copies comment just in case.

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