Spring Break Ain’t What It Seems


/stress stress STRESS

>: | Stupid projects…

@u@ HAI GAIS!!! Sorry for the complete off topic title I guess 😛 I just wanted to tell you guys what I’m doing for Spring Break ^^

Okay, so tomorrow (Tuesday), I’m going to Wanado City at 11 AM! 😀 I’m going with my friend. Ah, I’m gonna have fun so that then I relax and don’t worry. 🙂 I haven’t been to Wanado City in SO much time. Then on Wednesday, I suppose I’ll go to Michaels and buy my supplies for the necklace I’m making for Ancient India. So that day I’ll finish my Ancient India artifact and its description. On Thursday I’m going to the beach with a friend. I can already see the warm sand, and the ocean. Stress Reliever 😀 Then on Friday I don’t know what I’ll be doing… Maybe play more Pokémon: HeartGold? Maybe just relax or work a bit on a math project. Then on Saturday I’ll be working on my math project with another friend, and then on Sunday or Monday I’ll be working on my music project with a friend or two of them.

Bye guys! What are YOU guys doing during spring break? Are you even on spring break? ònó Tell me!

PS. I gotta chillax more XD

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