FCAT Scores


I got a 5 in reading and math~ !!!!!!

For reading I got (I think) a 500 and in math a 428.

Short post is short and I just wanted to share that : D

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Hi there! I'm Dawn and this is my blog that's full of.. erm, stuff! I hope that we can be friends and that you enjoy this blog :3 View all posts by dawn1798

6 responses to “FCAT Scores

  • fly1623

    whoa you’re smart!

    i got a level 3 in math and level 4 in reading

  • flippy

    nice job! i suck at math…you should tutor me! 😀

  • dancerbri

    hey it’s dancer!! i wanted to know if it is ok if I create a 100 Facts About Me Page. I looked at it and it seems fun to make one. I will mention your blog and if you still don’t want me to make it then comment on the page and tell me and I will delete the page 😀

    • dawn1798

      Hello! It’s completely okay to make a 100 Facts About Me Page. I have no problem with it c: I’m looking forward to reading your facts~

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