Why do I do This to Myself

Why do I have this weird impulse to always think about how stressful it is to think about all the stuff I have to do when it just makes me even more stressed? Like, if I think about it, it’s not even really THAT much work, but it feels like a lot and since I have to get good grades on my schoolwork it makes it even WORSE. My replacement history teacher wants the whole class to write an essay on why watching paint dry is awesome. That, ladies and gentlemen, just screams stress. If it’s boring and dull he says that he’ll give us a C or a D and I’m just like “Whoa there buddy back up a bit this is a horrible topic”. That was his whole point, to give us an horrible and boring topic, but STILL. I swear, if next week we have to write an essay on watching grass grow…

So wow, I haven’t written in months!  I went shopping today and bought a bunch of stuff! I didn’t go yesterday (Black Friday) because geez that’s just stressful and hectic and kinda scary. I bought some cute hats today, two books (one on pointless information and the other one is the first book of The Hunger Games Trilogy), D. Gray Man vol. 2, and Bakuman vol. 1. I also bought some other stuff but they’re not really for me, so, yeah.

I spent Thanksgiving with my wonderful friend Laura, and the next day with another wonderful friend, Ariana. Christmas is coming up soon (however I’m not visiting my family this year so I’m pretty sad) so I need to make my wish list and start buying presents for my family and friends!!! I already have some presents bought (lies I only have two) and the rest I kind of need my parents to help me because I’m awful at that stuff. I don’t even know what to get my friends.

So yeah, I’ll write again probably whenever I need to rant again. Byeeeeeeee

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