Harvest Moon

Okay, one thing I love is… HARVEST MOON! I absolutely love the Harvest Moon games! I never EVAH  get bored of them ^^ NEVER. So here I’ll talk about Harvest Moon games I want or have played. So have fun reading and I hope you play these games to at least give them a try!

About Harvest Moon Games: In Harvest Moon, you can play as a boy farmer and now you  can even play as girl farmers too! You can have crops, mine, fish, have animals like cows, horses, chickens, ducks (Not In all of them), silkworms ( Not in All of them),Sheep, Goats (Not in all of them..I think), and more (I guess? Theres ostriches too xD )! And you can even have a pet dog! In some games you can also have a cat and in the Wii game (Tree of Tranquility) and in Animal Parade  you can have even more pets! There’s also Magical Melody where you can also have a piggy. I have one word for you. CUTE! You can socialize with the villagers and court a bachelor or a bacelorette, depending on the gender of the main character, and even get married and raise a family (Well, in most of the games you can, but in some you can’t I think)! These games require patience because this doesn’t happen overnight. Some Bachelorettes/Bachelors/Vilagers  can be such a pain in the neck sometimes when it comes to befriending them. You can also make your house bigger, the barn bigger, and the coop too (In practically ALL the games I’ve played). In some games you can even buy more land for your own purposes and such. And you can cook too (Okay, FOR REAL, what Harvest Moon game doesn’t have cooking?)! These games are amazing! I don’t think I’m forgetting anything… If I am, somebody remind me!

Here I will post info about the games I have played, tutorials, tips, and first impressions, and my ratings, and more, hopefully!

ILU all, peace! : D

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