Extra stuff you probably don’t care about.

Hurray for telling people stuff about yourself!



Do you have any nicknames?

Ari, Arii, Dawnsie, and other quite embarrassing but loving nicknames given to me by my parents c:

Where were you born?

Caracas, Venezuela

Where do you live now?

Some town/city/place in Miami, Florida

Any pet peeves?

Too many to list.

Favorite type of food?


Sweet or salty?

Sweet. But at times I would prefer salty.

Favorite drink?

Tea (iced tea counts too)

Favorite accent?

British, but Australian is a close second.

Favorite video game/video game series?

Harvest Moon even though I never do finish them.

Favorite music genre?

Anything but rap.

Least Favorite?


Any phobias?

Bugs, pain, mantrays, and uh… I suppose failure or disappointing people.

Favorite letter?


Favorite number?


Favorite Store?


Favorite website(s)?

Twitter and Youtube!

Favorite hair color?

Blonde ❤

Favorite eye color?

Blue or green


August 17th

Blood type?


Favorite school subject(s)?


Least favorite school subject(s)?

Civics =A=

Strongest school subject?


Introvert or extrovert?


Optimist or pessimist?


Favorite video game genre?

RPG and romance

Favorite soda?

Coke/Pepsi (I don’t taste a difference)

Little kids are…

Okay I guess. (This really isn’t a question)

Cats or dogs?

Cats (but I like both)

Are you allergic to anything?

Dust and animal hair.

Read or write?

Read. I’m terrible at writing essays and stories.

More to come in a weblog near you

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