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School is… & more~

absolutely a pain @ n @

Science fair already started (ugh), I’ve had various tests, I have one class with a really low B ( ;n; Music..) and my head hurts a lot!

And to think only 6 weeks have passed…

But eh I really don’t want to talk about such a depressing subject (well at least to me).

Oh yeah, today I had to make a whole new account on my laptop because the other  account got.. well..

destroyed by a trojan 8′ D

I really hate those things OTL

Apparently I got it from DeviantArt so no more of that for me for a really long time /stupid laugh

So what’s going on in your world~  ? Tell me!

Bye :3

What does OTL mean?

Dude… Like.. I’m only doing this because Flippy DOES NOT SEE THE DARN OTL. So like, I’m gonna help her out with this post 😀

STILL don’t see it Flippy? D: Well then you are in trouble D: Oh and, you can also google it :3


And now, what orz means… D: GO GOOGLE IT.

dummy So now you know what it means :3

I do not own Deviantart (‘course not), OR prince orange (I DO NOT OWN PPL D:), OR OTL … But you knew that…

mwahaha And don’t expect me to tell you wat orz is or to help you anymore with OTL  ’cause google was invented for a reason  mwahaha

Snowflake ❤