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I Have no Idea What to Write About

I seriously have no clue about what to write nowadays <:3

So I think I’ll make a poll where you guys can vote about what I should write about  @w@

Or you could comment. Anything is fine with me orz


OH MAI GAWD. I could NOT believe it! I… GOT… 10,000 hits!!!!!!!!1 I MADE A PIC FOR ALL MY READERS! 8D I love you guys! Thank you so much! >w< I wanna thank Doll, Soph, Lau, Flippy, Cord, and my dad for visiting and helping me! dummy


Please continue visiting and commenting la

What the Pudding, What does it mean D’:

HAI THERE GUYS! Tee-hee, today we had chinese, so like, we had fortune cookies. But mine is confusing to me! Look what it says:

He who sows courtesy reaps friendship

What the pudding does THAT mean.

Help please.


Oh no… Hide me please! They have to pull a tooth out just ’cause the other one is going down Dx if I was strong and all I could endure it but you don’t know how I act when it comes to that stuff >.> I was great and quiet during the operations but I’m a TOTAL WIMP when it comes to pulling teeth out. It hurts a lot ;A; and the tooth isn’t even that loose. H-Help me please. I won’t be able to survive. >.> And I don’t wanna make a scene in the orthodontist or dentist ;w; I think I might just die from the scariness of pulling teeth out.


Operation: =A= this is nothing. I don’t feel a thing.

Pulling teeth out/ shots: OH NO!! GET AWAY! *trembles*  DON’T TOUCH ME! *tries to run away* ;A; HElP ME!

How come I’m such a wimp ;-; It’s so painful and scary.  I’m gonna have an attack or something if I don’t calm down. I wish I hadn’t told my mom >.>

Snowflake </3