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What the Pudding, What does it mean D’:

HAI THERE GUYS! Tee-hee, today we had chinese, so like, we had fortune cookies. But mine is confusing to me! Look what it says:

He who sows courtesy reaps friendship

What the pudding does THAT mean.

Help please.

What does OTL mean?

Dude… Like.. I’m only doing this because Flippy DOES NOT SEE THE DARN OTL. So like, I’m gonna help her out with this post ūüėÄ

STILL don’t see it Flippy? D: Well then you are in trouble D: Oh and, you can also google it :3


And now, what orz means… D: GO GOOGLE IT.

dummy So now you know what it means :3

I do not own Deviantart (‘course not), OR prince orange (I DO NOT OWN PPL D:), OR OTL … But you knew that…

mwahaha And don’t expect me to tell you wat orz is or to help you anymore with OTL ¬†’cause google was invented for a reason ¬†mwahaha

Snowflake ‚̧

OTL So much stuff

I have several things to say OTL…. So this is probably gonna be long. And I’m gonna upload some pics later for this post OTZ


I GOT A LAPTOP!!!!! 3 MY FIRST LAPTOP! I love it xD ¬†it pink! Very pretty! ¬†I’m still trying to get used to it though ._. It’ s sorta hard since my whole life I’ve been on a big computer and not a laptop xD But now on this computer I only have Paint.net and GIMP… No photoshop or MS paint D: It’s gonna be hard without MS paint…


AMV of the post….


Wow this might be the longest part of the post xD this is the list( Yes I have watched episodes of some of them but I mean like from scratch like Pita-ten and all):

CCS (rewatching): Haven’t even started

Mermaid Melody: Probably the next anime I watch ūüėÄ

MM season 2: NO! D: I haven’t even watched the first one!

Pita-ten: Episode…. 12 or 11

OHSHC (dub): idk.. Episode 1-5 lol

Bakugan: I haven’t started ¬†OTL

Bakugan second season: no… OTZ

Shugo Chara: none…

Shugo chara doki: *facepalm* read above

Sailor Moon: none

TMM: =\ none!

Sister Princess: *facepalm* NONE

PPGZ: T-T look above

Princess Tutu: none

Sugar sugar Rune: nada >.>

Di gi Charat: none

K-on: nothing >: (

Digimon: look above

Pokemon: well I mean I’ve watched episodes an all but I’m stating from scratch so nothing.

Lucky star: ntg -_-


Kirarin Revolution: I can’t watch it from scratch ¬†’cause I can’t find the episodes =\

Kamichama Karin: none T-T

Hamtaro: I can’t find the eps *shrugs*

Fushigiboshi no futago hime: episode 30 or so

Bottle Faerie: I wanna start from scratch like with the other ones!

Kamikaze kaitou Jeanne : None. I just found out about it.

Rozen Maiden: Ntg

Rawr… I hate that list cuz I haven’t watched anything. And I bet I’ll never finish it since like, ¬†some animes have more than 100 eps! like pokemon… I bet it has like… mroe than 600 or something :\ I’m doomed. Well, BYE! I’ll post up pics of stuff tomorrow or so!

Annoyed ’cause she hasn’t watched anime, Snowflake ‚̧


Oh no… Hide me please! They have to pull a tooth out just ’cause the other one is going down Dx if I was strong and all I could endure it but you don’t know how I act when it comes to that stuff >.> I was great and quiet during the operations but I’m a TOTAL WIMP when it comes to pulling teeth out. It hurts a lot ;A; and the tooth isn’t even that loose. H-Help me please. I won’t be able to survive. >.> And I don’t wanna make a scene in the orthodontist or dentist ;w; I think I might just die from the scariness of pulling teeth out.


Operation: =A= this is nothing. I don’t feel a thing.

Pulling teeth out/ shots: OH NO!! GET AWAY! *trembles* ¬†DON’T TOUCH ME! *tries to run away* ;A; HElP ME!

How come I’m such a wimp ;-; It’s so painful and scary. ¬†I’m gonna have an attack or something if I don’t calm down. I wish I hadn’t told my mom >.>

Snowflake </3

A gift for cord <3

HI!!!!!!! I’m back! lol I am back from nowhere xP

So anyways the other day I asked cord some questions ¬†and one of them was if she would like a drawing made by me! And she said that she would! And even if she didn’t I would have still made it lawl. I’m just that kind of person xD

At first I was considering that I would draw it on paper, then trace it again on copy paper, color it, then scan it. But that seemed like too much work and I think this would be a great opportunity to test out using layers and all on Paint.Net . And guess what I chose. YUP! Computer drawing lolz. Sorry if the drawing is a bit bad, I have to use a mouse. No tablet >.> … YET lol.

No stealing!



Cords gift from me to you:

Cords Gift

That’s my first try at using layers and being all complicated so no hating it lolz. Cord is the only one able to save that pic! And then nobody can save the following ones lolz.

These are more drawings that well uh, I did. But no layers or anything complicated¬† lolz. Now I see that it’s ¬†really easy in a way ‚̧

Random school girl xD (drawing made on Paint and then colored on Paint.net)

Ariana (All paint lolz)

dari (drawn on paper, scanned, and then colored on Paint.net)

Ice_cream_for_soph (All paint lol)

KAWAII! (paint.net)

Love Life (paint.net)

Oh and please ¬†don’t steal! I worked hard on those >.>

Lots of love, Snowflake ‚̧