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Sorry </3

Guys, I’m sorry if  I don’t write as much, or I don’t respond to your e-mails, or comment on your blogs or reply to you. Since now I bet I’m gonna have more homework, more studying, more BLEH.

School. Starts. On. Monday.

D: Please forgive me if I don’t write another post in a week, don’t rush me, and..

I am not dead if you don’t hear from me miserable

Don’t expect me to write if you rush me either >:I


How To Post Videos on WordPress *0*

Yay! Tutorial time!

( I’m only doing this just in case I confused Bo with my unhelpful comment on how to upload videos on the posts)

Ok so FIRST, you go to the write a new post option thing :3 (Well thank you me for stating the obvious)

Second, you have to look at the Upload/Insert part.


Third, click on the second button.

Fourth,  Click on the  From URL form (If it is from youtube and stuff like that).

Fifth, Copy and Paste the URL in it and put Insert Into Post!

So there you have it! Then you finish writing or whatever and Post your post! Lolz.. Post your post.

So yupperz there you have it bo nee-chan :3

With Lots of love, Snowflake ❤