About me :3

Heiii there :3 This page is about ME!

Name: Ariadna

Nicknames: Arii, Ari, Dawnsie, Dawn c:

From: Venezuela <333

Living in: Floridaaaaaaaa >:3

Likes: Food, sleep, friends, family, manga, anime, Pokémon, drawing, internet, laptops, music, Hello Kitty, llamas, animals, reading books, video games, Mario games, and more :3

Dislikes: Many things. Some are Twilight, rude people, and BUGS.

Is scared of: Bugs and pain. There are other things, but bugs is the main fear ;-;

Languages I know or want to learn:







[Know: Pink ; Want to learn: Green ; Learning: Orange]

I have a penfriend :3

I might update this page later (:

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