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ok hi…yea, r any of u bored?? cuz i am. any tips or antg? AND NO I WILL NOT DO HW SINCE I FINISHED IT ALREADY!! oh and this is meridoll….yup OK I NEED ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Should I Take a Break?

You see, I AM very busy with work and I do get like really distracted on the computer. And this time, I’m not giving you the ” NO DON’T!!! DO NOT TAKE A BREAK!!” option. 🙂 I’m not quitting, I’m just thinking of taking a break so I can get organized and *coughs* do exercise. I’ve been eating a lot of candy lately 😀 too yummy! I’ll still go on Cp, on ice palace if CP will finally let me go on ice palace! NOTE: IF YOU GO ON ICE PALACE AND I AM NOT THERE BUT YOU HAVE BUDDIES ON OTHER SERVERS, PLEASE CHECK! I MIGHT BE THERE! Ice palace just doesn’t load!

Please vote now! My break will start on November 24, 2008. You have *counts* FIVE days to vote! 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll miss you all on my break. Hugz!

♥♥ Anime Ariadna-san♥♥


7:54 PM

So yesh… today is the new card games. UNFORTCH FOR ME!!!! I cant get on! GOD!!! And I bet it’s cause all those other ppl on! 😦 I won’t be able to see my cp friends!! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!! Kawaii Ariadna-san JUST BECAME FURIOUS ARIADNA-SAN!!!

8:02 PM

NADA!!!! I really don’t think this is fair!!! Guys.. Í’m sorry. B-but.. Mondays are NOT my  best days.

sakura38 I’m tellng yooh *sniffs* this is unfair and cruel to Dawn! LET ME PLAY!!!! *sobs* WHY DO PPL HATE DAWN ON MONDAYS!!! EVEN CP!!!! I’m so mad I’m gonna scream NONSENSE at this STUPID computer!

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I feel a little better.does anyone have some advice for me?

hehe.. New Dollz

So I made this dolls ( and im obviously going to put them on the Elouai page, i still have it rite?) so here we go,



Hmmm… Me confused!

I am sooooo confused.  Why do I have  papa– yooh know.. paparatzzi dawn… idc if I wrote it wrong! I mean… yooh know wut?  I’m gonna delete it. Too confused. Scared if sumone will copy me. blah


Veterans Day

So we had a project about Veterans DAy were we had to draw, make up a song, and answer some qs. Here are wut I put

                           Veterans Day

                                                                Oh great Veterans,

                                                    You have served

                                                    In the military

                                                   And you served

                                                     Our Country


                                                  We honor you today,

                                                      November 11

                                                We shall honor you

                                                 With great respect

                                                  On Veterans Day


Btw, that was the song. Here is the info that I put=

A Veteran is a person that has served in the military. We have Veterans Day to honor the military veterans. Veterans Day is a Federal holiday, and was declared one November 12, 1919. The president Woodrow Wilson  declared it.  It was called Armistice Day, but on November 8, 1954, it was changed to Veterans Day. Women have served in the military for a long time, and some had to disguise themselves as men.


Veteran related pics-


And remember!=