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Yay Family time!

So my family (Well part of it, anyways) from Tampa came and we ate Chinese food! Then we, well we still ARE playing wii fit. I am exhausted from 13 minutes of rhythm boxing. If you guys want to feel DEAD  from exercise (sp?), then do that. And I promise you, 13 minutes, in EXPERT.  We are having SO MUCH FUN! And, my little cousin is soooo cute. His name is Edwin… I think. I’ll check later. He is like the cutest baby I have EVER seen. Lol.  Oh and my cousin (the older girl one ^^) is sleeping over! Well, they ALL are. But I swear that if they mess up my wii fit account thing, I will MESS UP THEIRS! Lol, revenge is sweet x3 .  I hope we have fun the whole time they are here. I hope they stay long though.  Oh and if you guys didn’t know, Doll is back! OH! And before I forget I have 2 things to tell you.

1. I have a new page, Called Best Friends hall of… Friendship? (or something along the lines of that) ABOUT:  There  you can learn about my friends and how great they are. ^^

2.   Do you guys know how to animate things? If you do, can you tell me how? And with what programs?

Oh and I was gonna ask more but thanks to my FAMILY *rolls eyes* but oh well. Maybe I’ll remember later. Oh and great, I can’t get near to my little cousin since I was sick (but now I am better, thank god I didn’t have anything serious) so yeah, and now he’s crying. Awwww, but the fact he was calmer when I was humming a little song to him really isn’t any help is it? Well, BAAAAAAAI!

With lots of love, Snowflake ❤